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Math Pattern Hunter:

Math Pattern Hunter is a program that takes a one-dimensional input sequence and attempts to find a formula for the sequence. The program is text-based and is designed to be used on the command line. Due to this the program is fully configurable by command line options specified at runtime.

Documentation for Math Pattern Hunter can be found in the README and at the Example Usage site. The README gives a brief overview of the program and more importantly contains a comprehensive listing of commandline options for the program. The Example Usage (and related) sites give a more in depth introduction to the setup of the program and provide working examples of the many ways the program can be used and configured.

MPH Download:

The latest version of Math Pattern Hunter is version 0.5 . Install notes can be found in the README file and in the downloads portion of the site. The code for Math Pattern Hunter is released under the GPL (the author retains copyright) and may be re-distributed provided there is an unaltered version of the most current README in the distribution. Math Pattern Hunter can be downloaded from the link below:

[Download patternhunter-0.5 .tar.gz] [README]

Contact Information:

The author (Maxie) can be contacted at maxieds(AT)gmail(DOT)com in case of a feature request or a bug. Also, if anyone finds an interesting formula by running Math Pattern Hunter I would like to hear about it and post it on the site (I will give full credit for the discovery). Additionally, I have set aside a space for utility scripts / programs to help in finding formulas. If any users have a useful tool and would like to put it on the Utils portion of the site let me know.